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Thank you for your interest in Bijun! We offer an affiliate program for those who want to share their love for Bijun to encourage others to try the Trial package and eventually enjoy Bijun as part of their daily skincare routine.


About Hyaluron Bijun

Bijun contains a unique patented formula called ECM-E, which helps you to retain hyaluronic acid more efficiently.

Bijun is a new beauty supplement that can be taken for general skin concerns that come with aging, like dryness, wrinkles, and sagging skin — a simple approach for hardworking women who care about their bodies.

Dryness, wrinkles, and sagging skin happen in part because as we age, the skin loses hydration due to having less of the naturally occurring hydration molecule called Hyaluronic Acid.

Bijun contains a unique patented formula called ECM-E, which helps you to retain hyaluronic acid more efficiently.

Because of Bijun’s high-quality ingredients and beneficial effects, it has become an essential beauty supplement used by more than 150,000 women for over 10 years. It’s thanks to our partners and affiliates sharing their love for Bijun with many people in Japan that we could achieve this.

We would like to build this strong relationship with you, too! 

Why Join our Affiliate Program?

1. We Offer Real Results

    We only use natural ingredients from trusted partners that actually work. In a 1-month trial of women ages 40–49, 75% of participants reported feeling the rejuvenating effects of Bijun.

    A chart showing Bijun hyaluronic acid supplement trial results.
    2. Our Long-Term Affiliate Relationships

      Based on this experience, we know how we can effectively partner with affiliates. To help you, we can share the successful examples of contents that work.

      3. Try Our Products for Free

        Affiliates receive a free 1-month supply of Hyaluron Bijun and may use their own affiliate link to take advantage of the trial offer and get a second month of Bijun for only $13.99. ($28.99 trial price minus $15.00 affiliate commission fee. Limited to 1 per affiliate.)

        What is an Affiliate Program?

        If you have a website, you can post links to Each time someone visits your site and purchases the 1-month trial pack through your own custom link, you can earn a $15 commission with each sale.

        How Does Our Affiliate Program work?

        We use ShareASale to ensure our affiliate program runs smoothly. They track links and orders and ensure that you receive your commission each month. Through ShareASale, you'll have access to our affiliate creative assets, logo, marketing links, and special promotional offers.


        How do I get started?

        1. Complete the online application and sign up for our program.
        2. Review the tips and suggestions for marketing your site.
        3. Put links on your site.

        If you have no idea where to start, refer to the 3 types of successful contents below that can drive traffic and increase sales through your links!

        • Detailed testimonial contents — try our product and describe how you feel!
        • If you have other similar products you would like to feature, try ranking them in a list.
        • Collect reviews of our product and share them with your readers.


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