The Team Behind Bijun


"Bijun was created without compromise based on my expertise, and the support of a team of Japanese pharmacists and cosmetologists."

Takayuki Mori, Creator of Bijun


Team behind Bijun hyaluronic acid supplement tablets.

Our team of knowledgeable health specialists is licensed by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPA) and the Foundation of Global Life Learning Center (GLLC).

Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPA)Foundation of Global Life Learning Center (GLLC).

Head Pharmacist & Representative Director
Takayuki Mori

Takayuki Mori, Representative Director & Chief Pharmacist, Fine Aid, Inc.
  • Received his Master's degree from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University of Science.
  • Registered with the Japan Pharmacist Register, No. 251462.
  • After developing new drugs and development management at Tsumura, Japan's largest manufacturer of Chinese herbal medicines, he established a company selling pharmaceutical products in 1994.
  • In 1999, he started to sell products online.

Greetings from Japan. I would like to thank you all for this opportunity to meet you.

Based on my thoughts, we have been working as a team since 1994 in Japan, a beautiful land where history, culture, and nature are in harmony.

Since then, we have been developing products with excellent Japanese technology and quality, based on the values of "contributing to a future filled with health and happiness, and peace among people."

Our products may have a slight smell of pills. There may also be some chipping or powdering of the tablets. However, this is because we aim to produce products that we would like to continue taking with peace of mind. Therefore we do not use any additives that we consider unnecessary.

Another of our values is that "We want to be like a family with our customers." We want you to think of us as your brother or relative uncle and rely on us. We want to be a part of the family that can provide you with the opportunity to live a healthy life. It may seem obvious, but family is an essential part of our lives. We want to create such relationships and bonds with you.

We want you to feel comfortable listening to our advice as the words of a very trustworthy family expert.

Up to now, we have formed a bond with many customers in Japan. From now on, we look forward to forming a family-like bond with people all over the world through our products.

Based on the same values and philosophy as when we were founded, we will continue to work tirelessly to bring a future filled with health and happiness to as many people as possible through our products.

Takayuki Mori


The Philosophy Behind Bijun

Our mission is to promote happiness and the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our company and society. We aim to redefine what it means to be a seller of beauty products by creating supplements that promote wellness, longevity, and healthy living while supporting our customers' unique lifestyles.

Just as each member of our team cares for the members of his or her family, we offer products that aim to improve your health and happiness. The value we seek to provide is not based on monetary cost but on a happy future for our customers. This is what drives our team, our brand FineAid Wellness, and our product Bijun.